// XFDF Submit Test Example
//The following code is used for the Online PDF Form Example 

// the PHP Code for this example: http://www.pdfill.com/example/submit/xfdf_submit_test.php


//Step 1: Get the XFDF Raw Data

$XFDFData = file_get_contents('php://input');

//Check it to see if it is empty or too short

if ( strlen($XFDFData)<10)


header("Location: http://www.pdfill.com/pdf_action.html#4");



//Step 2: Remove all the Folders that are more than 600 seconds old


//Step 3:Token the XFDF Raw Data to get the PDF name

$pdfFileName = GetPDFFileName($XFDFData);

//Step 4: Create a random number and get into a folder

$newFileID = GetRandonFolerName();

mkdir("$newFileID"); //Create a new folder

chdir("$newFileID"); //New Current Directory

//Step 5: New File Name to save the XFDF Data

$fdfFileName = substr($pdfFileName , 0, strlen($pdfFileName)-4); //remove .pdf

$fdfFileName = "$fdfFileName.xfdf"; //add .xfdf

$fdffp = fopen($fdfFileName, "w");

fwrite($fdffp, $XFDFData, strlen($XFDFData)); //write into a file


//Step 6: Ouput html

echo "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Submit</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>\n\r";

echo "<p>This is a free PDF Form Filling service. We don't save your information. It will be deleted in 10 minutes.</p>";

echo "<p>Your New Form Data is ready for Download. </p>";

echo "<p>You must RIGHT Click and Save Target As in order to Download the following file: </p>";

echo "<p><A href=http:\\\\www.pdfill.com\example\submit\\$newFileID\\$fdfFileName>$fdfFileName</A></p>";

echo "<p>To Print later, please Save this XFDF File with your original PDF File ($pdfFileName) and Click this XFDF file!</p>";

echo "<p>You can EMAIL this XFDF file and your original PDF File to other people; Or, you can just EMAIL this XFDF to the people whom has this original file already</p>";

echo "<p><font face=\"Verdana\" size=\"2\"><a style=\"color: blue; text-decoration: underline\" href=\"http://www.pdfill.com\"> PDFill</a> Copyright 2002-2007 by <a style=\"color: blue; text-decoration: underline\" href=\"http://www.plotsoft.com/\">PlotSoft L.L.C</a>..&nbsp; All rights reserved</font></p>";

echo "\n\r</BODY> </HTML>";



//Create a random number and get into a folder

function GetRandonFolerName()


$newFileID = "";

for($i=0; $i<16; $i++)


$newFileID .= chr(65 + rand(0, 25) ); 


return $newFileID;



//Get PDF Name from the raw Data

function GetPDFFileName($XFDFData)


//1. Get the part before file name

$findme = "<f href=";

$pos1 = strpos($XFDFData, $findme); 

//2. the end >

$pos2 = strpos($XFDFData, '>', $pos1); 

$pos2 = $pos2-3; //back 2 char "\>

//3. Get the string inside ()

$str1 = substr($XFDFData, $pos1, $pos2-$pos1);

//4. get PDF Name

$pdfFileName = strrchr($str1, '/'); 

$pdfFileName = trim($pdfFileName, '/');

$pdfFileName = trim($pdfFileName);

//echo "$pos1;";

//echo "$pos2;";

//echo "$str1;";

//echo "$pdfFileName;";

return $pdfFileName;



//Delete folders that is old 

function RemoveOldFolders($oldSeconds)


if ($handle = opendir('.')) 

{ //Local Folder

while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) 

{ //File Folder Only

if ( ($file != ".") && ($file != "..") && (is_dir($file)) ) 


//Folder Old than 10 minutes to delete

if ( (time() - filemtime($file)) > $oldSeconds)










//Function to delete all the folders and files under the folder with name $dirname

function rmdirr($dirname) 


// Sanity check 

if (!file_exists($dirname)) 


return false; 


// Simple delete for a file 

if (is_file($dirname) || is_link($dirname))


return unlink($dirname); 


// Loop through the folder 

$dir = dir($dirname); 

while (false !== $entry = $dir->read()) 


// Skip pointers 

if ($entry == '.' || $entry == '..') 




// Recurse 

rmdirr($dirname . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $entry); 


// Clean up 


return rmdir($dirname); 



//You can vist here to get php information


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