PDF Repair

Sometimes, a PDF file may not be opened by GhostScript. Please repair this PDF by PDFill PDF Writer. A dialog will appear:

Please try the manual repair first using the following steps. If the manual repair works, try "Automatic Repair by PDFill" by "Turn Off this dialog".

Step 1: Update Adobe Reader to at least 9.0 from here. Please open your PDF inside Adobe Reader to see if there is some error message when you open it.
           Update GhostScript to the most current version GhostScript 8.64 (12MB).

Step 2: Open your PDF inside Adobe Reader. File Menu => Print, Select "PDFill PDF&Image Writer".  Under Page Handling, Check the option "Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size"  so that the new PDF has the same page size as the original PDF. Print into a new PDF by "PDFill PDF&Image Writer".

Step 3: Open the new PDF inside PDFill. If there are PDF Form Fields in your original PDF, From Edit Menu =>Copy PDF Form Fields from Another PDF.

If you still have problem, please email your PDF to support@PDFill.com.

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