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How to register PDFill PDF Editor

If you paid the PDFill registration fee:

If you paid the PDFill registration fee and received a registration number from PlotSoft, L.L.C., please enter your first name, last name, email and registration number exactly as they appeared on the instructions you received when you registered PDFill.  You cannot substitute a different spelling for your name or use a different name.  If entered correctly, the registration reminder dialog box will no longer be displayed when you save the editing into a new PDF and the advertising watermark will not be included into the new edited PDF file.  Please save the registration email for possible use with future free upgrades, or in case you re-install PDFill.

Please print your registration information and keep it at a safe place. In purchasing the present license you understand and agree that it is not replaceable in case of accidental loss, including but not limited to major software recovery operations, software crashes, or hardware theft. See the License Agreement.

If you have not yet paid the PDFill registration fee:

If you downloaded an evaluation version of PDFill, or if you received this version of PDFill on a CD with a book or with other hardware or software, and you have not paid the PDFill registration fee, you are licensed to use PDFill for evaluation purposes only, subject to the License Agreement. The advertising watermark will be included into the new edited PDF file.

For information on purchasing a license to use PDFill for non-evaluation purposes, see the section Ordering Information.

FAQ: What is PDFill License? The license for PDFill PDF Editor is lifetime. You have free upgrades as long as you keep the registration code. Please print into the hardcopy to keep it. If you lost the code in the 365 days after you bought PDFill, look up your code using the exact email you used when you purchased the product. If it has been longer than 365 days, PDFill will not resend you the code and you have to buy PDFill again. See License Agreement.

FAQ: My Email has changed. Please still use the old email to register your PDFill. PDFill doesn't send email to your email account.

FAQ: The registration code doesn't work. Please  COPY and PASTE the first name, last name, email and registration number exactly from the email when you registered PDFill. See Step 3.

FAQ: The registration code is successful but it requires registration every time when PDFill Starts.  Please turn off any spyware on your computer, so the code can be successfully written into your registry.

Steps to register PDFill PDF Editor

Before you register, you can download and install the latest evaluation copy from http://www.pdfill.com/download.html. Once you have already installed the evaluation copy of PDFill on your system, you can convert the evaluation version to a registered version as follows:

Step 1. From Your desktop, Click the icon of "PDFill PDF Editor".

Step 2:  When you click the PDF icon from Toolbar and save the editing into a new PDF, the Evaluation Form pops up if you are not registered. Click the button "Enter Registration Code".

Or, if you are inside PDFill PDF Editor, please select Help Menu => Enter Registration Code.

Step 3. Enter the code from your email when you paid the PDFill and then click Button OK.

You can COPY and PASTE each item of First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Registration Number.

You can COPY this entire Email with Code, then click the button "Click here to PASTE the Email with Code Section Automatically".

(Please don't put your Receipt Number into the Registration #)


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